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…Dedicated to life in the South, past, present, and future...

The South, a unique region of America, rich in varied history, culture, and peoples, blended by a common sense of oneness and kindred spirit, which espouse the Southern mystique.   It is the place we call home, where our ancestors lived and died, where our memories and families are entwined, and where our hearts sing loudest still.  The Southerner may leave the South, but the South never leaves the Southerner…   

We are "still in the process" on this site, AKA "still under construction".   The first focus of our site will be historical and genealogical arenas, and then on to other Southern favorites such as food, music, travel, arts, crafts, gardening, authors, books, unique businesses, etc.…

 The states we will be focusing on are Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.   Besides our own contributions, we will be adding others, and also links to special sites. 

 If you would like to submit a site for consideration on our SOUTHERN LINKS feature, please contact us at Southernlinks@simplysouth.net or if you would like to submit material for the site please contact us at Submissions@simplysouth.com

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